Tuesday, December 22, 2009

State-Controlled Media Takes Direct Feedback from Obama WH Top Thugs

Morning Joe had the ultra-left feeble-minded libtard Ed Schultz on air and during commercial breaks Ed the neighing Horse was amazed to see former Repub Congresscritter and still thimblewit Joe Scarborough and his Polish sidekick Mika Brzez...... taking advice and guidance on how to handle Ed after the profit-break was over. That shocked even Ed.......

Meanwhile, over on the radio side of the ledger, Mediaweek named Rush Limbaugh the Radio Personality of the Decade---really a no-brainer by the numbers and influence wielded by the Missouri "Show Me" Pundit. Steve Jobs and Apple and Google and Rupert Murdoch dominated the other categories, with Sopranos taking the best TV show and Wired the best mag.

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