Friday, December 18, 2009

Rubio Overtakes Crist

Charlie Crist was counting his chickens long before they hatched, showing his porkie-stimulus inclinations and a tendency to support Obama, which now that that ship is heading out into stormy weather, he denies ever happened.

Luckily, there's plenty of video evidence that he like his hero John Kerry was for the stimulus package before he was against it. And his proxy-Senator LeMieux's first move in Congress was to put a hold on offshore drilling already agreed upon.

Showing his hand was for the fruitless environmental crusade rather than garner low-hanging fruit from taxes and royalties paid by oil companies operating one-hundred miles offshore, Crist may have a silent partner. [Cuba drills & explores offshore closer to Florida in gas & oil fields run by Venezuelan, Chinese, and Russian operating companies than LeMieux would allow the US to operate.] Is Charlie Crist a friend of Chavez and his [ex-] Commie pals?

Probably not, but this is one candidate who overreached too soon and hopefully will pay the price. Or as John Fund predicts:
Mr. Crist's fall has been so precipitous that it has prompted rumors that he might abandon the Senate race and try to hold onto the governor's mansion for a second term. That would require elbowing aside GOP state Attorney General Bill McCollum, who has been running for governor for months -- but that might be an easier task than Mr. Crist trying to convince Florida's Republican primary voters that he's the man they want in Washington to resist the big-government ambitions of the Obama administration.

Bill McCollum would make a better governor, perhaps. But Crist is the sort of fellow who needs to be kept on a short leash, in Tallahassee, lest his personal national ambitions quickly take hold once he catches Potomac Fever.

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