Thursday, November 05, 2009

Michele Bachmann Gets the JournoList CABAL Kiddies Knickers in a Twist!

It appears that a silly pseudo-journalist named Jonathan Allen fashions himself the TMZ of Politico
The JournoList CABAL of little nasty Ivy-leaf dudes like Jonathan Chait and several other MSM houseboys on the ultra-left posing as journalists? It seems as if Glenn Beck and Rush and Michele are more important than the scatterbrained specimen of dementia now doing a zombie-walk as Speaker of the House. As the snotty little Jonathan [Allen] quotes the usual "anonymous" source:
A conservative Republican House member, speaking on the condition of anonymity, suggested that Bachmann’s views — and her willingness to state them — make it hard for her to keep staff. “When your captain’s crazy, it’s time to find a new ship,” the lawmaker said

Jonathan uses the usual pre-pubescent anonymous quotes that can be used for dozens of Hill denizens. I heard the very same quote concerning Senator Barbara Mikulski of MD about two decades ago when she would have tempestuous tantrums due to her absurd [lack of] stature, she's four-ten in heels, and her deviant sexual tastes. At least Michele is an attractive female, something Democrats fear more than conservative blacks. Maybe Jonathan should concentrate on what are traditionally REAL newsmakers.

You know, the botox-poisoned airhead ditz named Nancy? I guess it isn't news when you have a cowering craven hem-kissing lap-puppy to dictators [Chavez, Ahmedinejad, Putin, Ortega...] inhabiting the Oval Office, the one who answers non-stop insults to the US from Iran with more simpering step-and-fetch-it yes-sir, please-sir responses.

We have a dysfunctional House, Senate, and Executive Branch and lil Jonathan Allen and his bunkmate Ben Smith can only yammer about Michele, Glenn, and Rush. And don't forget about Mark Lavin, who sold more books last year than any lefty has for the last decade!!!

Why not take the focus off a floundering collection of Demwit imbeciles by doing the old Saul Alinsky trick of demonizing, as the CABAL of JournoListers appears to do?

It sure takes the pressure off that task of being a REAL journalist!

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