Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Brainless Unread Ditz Drools Over Rush Limbaugh

MoDoDo of the NYT has another ignorant screed against Rush Limbaugh, and it may be because Rush gets about 20 times the attention that this barren hag gets with her NYT "columny." [I'm sure illiterate libtards will consider her Oh So Clever for that!]

She can remember the wine he ordered about 20 years ago, but can't lay a glove on him with her Airhead attempts at sucker-punching putdowns.
...the tactics of Limbaugh, Palin, Cheney & Fille are more cynical: They spin certainty, ignoring their side’s screw-ups, and they exploit patriotism, labeling all critics as traitors.

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace,” Limbaugh accused the president of trying to destroy the economy — yes, the same economy that W. came within a whisker of ruining.

“I have to think that it may be on purpose,” Limbaugh said, “because this is just outrageous, what is happening — a denial of liberty, an attack on freedom.”

Asked about Afghanistan, another W. cataclysm that has left Obama agonizing, Limbaugh stated, “I also don’t think he cares much about it.” Again suggesting that the president is an unpatriotic fop, the radio ranter averred: “He wants to manage this rather than achieve victory.”

So it's wrong to have strong beliefs in America. Elsewhere this childless has-been reverts to name-calling {"narcissist," "ranter," and "chickenhawk," among other epithets] while presuming to defend a witless Dear Leader with small-caliber ammo in her tiny brainpan-cavity.

The Wall Street Journal now has more than double the circulation of the NYT and is rising while the NYT continues to hemorrhage readership because of second-rate verbiage from a superannuated hack. As well as being absolutely clueless about the true intent of the Chicago Mafia.

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