Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Pelosi 2K Page Monstrosity Headed for Dead-Tree Cemetery?

Speaker of the Asylum Pelosi has demonstrated the restraint needed to keep her health plan to merely 1990 pages, thus avoiding the convenient 2K moniker I used above.

The generalized insanity of Dear Leader, Dingy Harry, and Botox-Brainiac SanFranNan all combine to make what the WSJ calls a "runaway train." And tonight, just to check in on one of the inmates' little helpers, a creature named Maddow on [P]MSNBC, this permanent substitute for a talk show host was opining on the great Republican disgrace that Bloomberg was only winning his mayoral re-election job by a margin of 5%! Then she checked in with a creature from Hollyweird about Joe Lieberman, whom said creature had led a "people's rebellion" against two years ago, and how it was "impossible" for Lieberman to hold up the HealthCare Bill's passage---but I had to switch to ESPN for the latest LeBron dissing of Dwight, or was it Allen Iverson dissing the bench he sat on for much of the game while watching the Grizzlies up front and personal....

Wolf Blitzer, after effing up so much on "Celebrity Jeopardy" that he attained a record $4000 IN THE HOLE, has demonstrated similar lack of knowledge and other skill sets normally required to host a News/Talk program, but he's on for several hours daily, a sort of Dan Rather for the terminally stupid. After Wolf critiqued SNL's skit ridiculing Dear Leader Brobambi for "factual accuracy." this candidate for the world's ugliest dog had three possible contenders, including the witless Anita Dunn, on yesterday to explain WH communications skills, or lack of same.... They couldn't or didn't, take your pick.

But Wolf will remain as long as C[orrupt] News Network has a cretin named Jonathan Klein, or is it Ezra, or is it some other Klein, calling the shots.

Remember when terminal drunk atheist Ted Turner said in 1996 that C[orrupt] News Network would "squash" FoxNEWS like "a bug?"

Where's Ted now and why was he kicked out of the CEO job of the network he himself founded and owns?

Check your local asylum....

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