Friday, November 06, 2009

The Red Queen: Off With Their Heads!

John Fund of the WSJ has a few choice quotes of Speaker of the House Pelosi's Dem minions who believe that advanced dementia has set in on her 1990-page dog's breakfast of lunacy. Of course, the AARP cadres and a rump-parliament of AMA also says they support it, but this is simply another indication that swine-flu encephalitis is rotting the DNC from the top down. And unlike libtard fabulation artists like Jonathan Allen who pulls out "quotes by sources who wish to remain anonymous" from his nether regions at the drop of a hat, John Fund quotes Democrats WILLING TO GO ON THE RECORD:
That's not how many of her own troops see it. Democratic Rep. Parker Griffith of Alabama told that members are "very, very sensitive" to the fact that the agenda being pushed by party leaders has "the potential to cost some of our front-line members their seats" On health care, added New Jersey Democrat Bill Pascrell: "People who had weak knees before are going to have weaker knees now."

So those "anonymous" quotes from JournoList lying libtards [excuse tautology] don't register any more. Ben Smith tries to equal fake "quotes" without attribution if Allen gets too far ahead of him. Here's Fund's summary of the Madness of Queen Nancy:
hat the bill would be a job killer isn't the only concern. Democrats worry about a backlash from the one-fourth of seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage -- a program that faces steep cuts in both the likely Senate and House bills.

But Speaker Pelosi isn't about to step back. In fact, she plans to force her troops to vote on health care just one day after Friday's jobless numbers are due, which are likely to show unemployment still growing. "When I take this bill to the floor, it will win," she proclaimed earlier this year.

One Democratic House moderate says the leadership has mislearned a lesson from the 1994 collapse of Hillary Clinton's health care bill. "They believe they lost the elections that year because they failed to pass anything," he says. "But they forget it might have been even worse if they'd passed the wrong bill."

The obsession with passing a clearly flawed and overly complex health care bill does indeed recall the classic movie in which Major Nicholson (played memorably by Alec Guinness) convinces his fellow British POWs in Thailand to build a railway bridge for their Japanese captors -- losing touch with the larger reality that the bridge would be used by the enemy against his own people.

John Feenery, who worked for then-House Minority Leader Bob Michel, sees many similarities with Congress's ill-fated rush to pass "catastrophic" health coverage for seniors in 1988. "Like the catastrophic bill, the Democrats' health care bill frontloads the pain and backloads the gain," he told CNN last month. Because Democrats wanted to avoid a negative deficit score from the Congressional Budget Office, taxes went up immediately while benefits were phased in. But seniors revolted. House Ways and Means Chairman Dan Rostenkowski was famously chased down a Chicago street by an angry mob. In November, 1989 -- almost exactly 20 years ago -- Congress took the extraordinary step of repealing the catastrophic health care law.

Should the far more complex health care bill now being debated pass, no one expects it could be fully repealed. But Democrats surely would pay a political price for passing a liberal bill with no bipartisan support. Like Major Nicholson on the River Kwai, they may wake up to find they built a monument to a set of presumptions that were really a form of madness.

Speaker Botox will have to tell her galley slaves to "let them eat cake" and I just can't wait for the avalanche of sh*t to begin rolling downhill while the jobless numbers go through the roof.

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