Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lamestream Media Blames PTSD for Terrorist Major

Bernie Goldberg blames the "Lamestream Media" for many ridiculous assertions in NYT, Time, Newsweak and other creepy misfits pretending to be journalists.

Bill O'Reilly and FoxNEWS now routinely outdraws ALL other cable news in competing time slots as do his fellow FoxNEWS cable colleagues. Indeed, as I noted in a previous blog, the number of DEMOCRATS watching FoxNEWS from 8-11PM outnumber the collective number of Demo-rats watching CNN, MSNBC, & HLN.

No wonder SNL, Jon Stewart, and unintentionally comic [Wolfie Blitzer, Davey Shuster, and the Shemale] newsies now make Fox-bashing one of their major segments almost every weekend/night. Of course, being terminally stupid [as Wolf proved in Jeopardy! when he went more than $4000 in the hole!], these unintentionally funny lamestream media freaks of nature are simply making their own dwindling audience wonder what all the fuss is about, driving up FoxNEWS numbers as more than a few find that the libtard liars are actually one-sided and Fox by comparison actually "fair and balanced."

The circulation/viewership of the libtard left is cratering/plummeting/diminishing [pick your verb] at about a 7% average every SIX MONTHS as Editor & Publisher notes every half-year, except for the Wall Street Journal, which actually gained a half-percent while USA TODAY lost close to 10% to cede highest circulation to the WSJ---a fact the far left E&P noted in neither the headline, nor even in the first three paragraphs, but HALFWAY THROUGH the FOURTH para. As a former editor at a daily, this is the kind of journalistic crime that only libtard lying tabloids, of which the NYT and WaPo are two, commit on a frequent basis.

The funniest comment about all this from the witless, clueless, airhead Chief Editor of the NYT, a moron named Keller, noted that "nobody watches "Drudgereport" any more." Keller, of course, is unaware that Drudge recently moved about three rungs up the ladder of mos-viewed sites on the web, while the donkey squat fishwrap NYT website fell two rungs the same period---with Drudge passing the NYT like the benighted ship that it is.

Pinch Sulzberger better sell what remains of his family legacy, as he is becoming the Jeff Immelt of the newspaper world.

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