Saturday, May 19, 2007

Talk About Being Called Ugly by a Frog!

From the bug-eyed lil fella who might be one of the worst prez's in US history,George Bush is insulted for his foreign policy. I for one remember that Jimmy-boy wouldn't sell the Shah rubber bullets for his Tac-Squads, so the Shah employed live ammunition and 400 students were killed while demonstrating in Tehran. People forget what a bumbling fool this failed peanut farmer proved to be in the White House. Oh by the way, the chain of events started by silly Jimmy's self-righteous piety did have consequences, as the Shah's support crumbled after the student slaughter and the way became open for the return of the Ayatollah, etcetera, yadda, yadda.

Lest we forget who the worst foreign policy president really was.


vince said...

Carter was not a great president, its true, but W has set the bar pretty low. George W Bush's foreign policy, base on neoconservative ideology, is much more destructive of US security interests around the world. The consequences, when one counts the human casualties, are enormous. One doesn't have to be Carter to say this out loud.

Anonymous said...

If Carter had demolished the Iranian as they deserved when they took our people hostage, none of this terrorism shit would even be happening. We looked weak then and we are still paying for it.