Thursday, May 10, 2007

Coulter on France, Germany, Canada Turning Right

Ann Coulter is as sassy and disrespectful of the Democratic icons and mantras as ever, but this piece starts out with a show-stopper:
With Nicolas Sarkozy's decisive victory as the new president of France, the French have produced their first pro-American ruler since Louis XVI.

Actually, Clemenceau as a youth was a newsman in Wisconsin and other parts of the Midwest and was a big fan of the USA, but the overall rivalry between France and the USA for legimate bragging rights for founding democratic government has often resulted in silly name-calling interspersed with intermittent lovefests.

When I was Vice Consul in Lyon, France, I learned that Lyon was the only city in the world outside the US to celebrate the Fourth of July, in honor of their being liberated from the Nazis in 1944. I celebrated one Fourth there with Gen. Donaldson, Cinc of NATO at the time, and helped escort him to a battle site in Bourg-en-Bresse where he as a young lieutenant helped knock out several German tanks. The Lyonnais never forgot and gave exhibitions of American Pro Football with NFL teams, a feat Paris has yet to accomplish!

And the food at the Yankee holiday in Lyon was the best in the entire world, bar none!

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