Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dem Ethics Hypocrisy Shocks Own Political Choir

The Party of Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion has also been the Party of big political machines and 19 young Democratic Freshman class who vowed on May 16th to pursue a tougher stance on ethics.

Even normally obsequious apple-polishers like Wonkette and David Sirota feign anger with hilarious scofflaws like Mike Capuano, John Murtha, and James Moran. Moran is irate that new rules will actually require him to raise money from his own constituents rather than rich lobbyists. And Capuano whines that he will have to wait two years after leaving the House before cashing in as a lobbyist on K St. shaking down his former colleagues.

Murtha, of course, is in a class by himself for peculation and kickbacks---the Abscam tapes catching him promising to get back with the FBI sting operation later demonstrates the moral fiber this grifter never really possessed. Methinks he should check into a 12-step program of whatever issues that afflict him.

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