Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dr. Sanity Puts Sarkozy and Ultra-Leftist Women on the Couch

Dr. Sanity starts her blog today with a nice little quote from the Volokh conspiracy's David Kopel on Sarkozy's stand-up statements on Islamic systemic persecution of females:
"France will not abandon the women who are condemned to the burqa" in his victory address

And in a Q&A during a debate:
Question: What do you think of polygamy?

Answer: I respect all cultures throughout the world, but so that it is quite clear: if I am elected President of the Republic, I will not accept women being treated as inferior to men. The French Republic holds these values: respect for women, equality between men and women. Nobody has the right to hold a prisoner, even within his own family. I say it clearly, that polygamy is prohibited in the territory of the French Republic. I will fight against female genital mutilation and those who do not wish to understand that the values of the French Republic include freedom for women, the dignity of women, respect for women -- they do not have any reason to be in France. If our laws are not respected and if one does not wish to understand our values, if one does not wish to learn French, then one does not have any reason to be on French territory.

Amazing! Can you think of one American politician so articulate and forthright?

In a separate post quoted by Dr. Sanity, Wretchard notes in
The Belmont Clubthat
Maybe the reason why the Left hates Sarkozy and that renegade "woman of color" Hirsi Ali so much is not because of what they stand for as much as because both remind them of the principles they have betrayed. This secret guilt may stand at the center of the inexplicable hysteria with which the Left regard the neocons and President Bush in particular (emphasis mine).

This "inexplicable hysteria" is explained patiently by Dr. Sanity by citing the downfall of the Liberal Democrat consensus before they ran their train off the rails around thirty years ago as explained byMichael Barone in a masterful expose of postmodern nihilism in its Democratic Party mode:
Our covert enemies are harder to identify, for they live in large numbers within our midst. And in terms of intentions, they are not enemies in the sense that they consciously wish to destroy our society. On the contrary, they enjoy our freedoms and often call for their expansion. But they have also been working, over many years, to undermine faith in our society and confidence in its goodness. These covert enemies are those among our elites who have promoted the ideas labeled as multiculturalism, moral relativism and (the term is Professor Samuel Huntington's) transnationalism.

At the center of their thinking is a notion of moral relativism. No idea is morally superior to another. Hitler had his way, we have ours -- who's to say who is right? No ideas should be "privileged," especially those that have been the guiding forces in the development and improvement of Western civilization. Rich white men have imposed their ideas because of their wealth and through the use of force. Rich white nations imposed their rule on benighted people of color around the world. For this sin of imperialism they must forever be regarded as morally stained and presumptively wrong. Our covert enemies go quickly from the notion that all societies are morally equal to the notion that all societies are morally equal except ours, which is worse.

Barone goes on to name names of the purveyors of this pervasive self-destructive philosophy, Nietzche's "Revolt of the Artists" or the ossified mandarinate that has become our "Academy:
"These are the ideas that have been transmitted over a long generation by the elites who run our universities and our schools, and who dominate our mainstream media. They teach an American history with the good parts left out and the bad parts emphasized. We are taught that some of the Founding Fathers were slaveholders -- and are left ignorant of their proclamations of universal liberties and human rights. We are taught that Japanese-Americans were interned in World War II -- and not that American military forces liberated millions from tyranny. To be sure, the great mass of Americans tend to resist these teachings. By the millions they buy and read serious biographies of the Founders and accounts of the Greatest Generation. But the teachings of our covert enemies have their effect.

Barone, Sowell, Wretchard, Volokh, move over: Dr. Sanity is chronicling the psychological descent into sociopathic self-destruction that the Democrats, like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, are enticing the country into with the help of their allies in the MSM, the "Academicide Elite" and Hollyweird, along with millions of self-serving bureaucrats.

And don't forget the lawyers!

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