Sunday, May 27, 2007

Headscratcher Solved for Female Exploding Jihadists.

I myself have often wondered what rewards await the self-exploiding females in Islamic Heaven where houris minister to the needs of male suicide bombers, and although the tradition of the 72 virgins is a sort of Islamic haditha of disputed authenticity, it does motivate many to acts of self-destruction. So the girl-suicides get dwarves to serve them, according to
an Arab source.

And the fatwa that suggested men suckle with their female workmates to gain a family exemption from the injunction against sharing spaces has also been shot down by counter-fatwas.

While I was living in Chicago, Disney's local birthplace was denied a plaque as a historical site because of various violations of PC committed by Walt, a sort of "postmodern" bill of attainder for "social crimes" committed before they were adjudged "hate crimes" by the Commissars who issue their own "fatwas" on these matters.

But having 72 dwarves minister to a female goes Snow White 65 better. And that Mickey in the West Bank saying Jews are to be exterminated is beginning to raise doubts in my mind about Walt's legacy.


Glaivester said...

Will the dwarves serve them or serve them, if you know what I mean?

dave in boca said...

Serve or service are practically synonymous, or are they?