Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mark On Zee Questionz Zurrounding Z-visas Plus a Love-Pat

Read Mark and his article on Z-truth, Z-whole truth etc. in Conrad Black's Chicago Sun-Times for a list of the absurdities an addled collection of nitwits and unindicted criminals [including the drowner/swimmer at the pool trophy bar] called the US Senate is preparing for the country.

Pat Buchanan hardly overstates in his screed "Path to National Suicide" while grifters like Martinez, Gutierrez, Chertoff mock their party's committment to law and order by admitting a crowd of low-IQ riff-raff [the French have the colorful term "racaille" with the connotation of canine characteristics] to further degrade the country that "The Greatest Generation's" unworthy spawn "The Boomers" has already abundantly trashed.

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