Friday, May 18, 2007

Hitchens' Black Bile Spilleth Over

I just noticed Hitchens emptied his bile ducts on hearing of Falwell's death.
"And I think it's a pity there isn't a hell for him to go to. … [Falwell is] a little toad … this horrible little person … I’m glad to see that he skipped the rapture and was found on the floor of his office. …"

Twenty years ago, my wife and I knew Hitchens and ironically used to celebrate Christmas dinner with this lonely deluded person. On two of these occasions, Hitchens was especially depressed and spiteful. Once when my wife was feeling poorly, she went into another room to lie down and Hitchens told me to roll her up in a rug and set it on fire. This was Hitchens at Christmas dinner, and resembling in his own words "a little toad … [a] horrible little person." [There were only two couples and CH as a singleton.] You can imagine how much venom is stored in this creature whose mother committed suicide with her lover when he was just a young boy.

His ceaseless projectile vomiting persists---spewing onto Mother Teresa and the Pope besides Falwell, among the many objects this self-hater projects himself onto.

The above may be a bit of a cheap shot at CH, whose long drinking bouts I often shared [and paid for] before getting with the program. But his support of GWB in Iraq does not allow him to vilify without qualification very good people who like all of us slip from time to time.

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