Sunday, April 30, 2006

LA Mayor Demonstrates Important Sense of Priorities

The incessant tom-toms of the MSM touting the Illegal Alien General Strike and how glorious an event such a demonstration of solidarity must be got a hoseful of cold water in the face when LA Mayor Villagairosa
flies to Dallas Monday to lobby for an NFL franchise rather than demagogue a bunch of layabout slackers taking a day off.

I wonder how the MSM cheerleaders for anarchy will note his absence. Perhaps as a bit of sanity and political savvy on the part of a political survivor?

The article goes on in delirious self-regard:
An immigration rally on March 25 in Los Angeles drew at least 500,000 people and was credited with rattling Congress as it debates the divisive issue.

Reuters obviously believes its own hype, as it is the news service saying that Congress is "rattled." Plus maybe AP and the lefty agitprop newsmags. And Bush. But not Congress.

The "wish being father to the thought."

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