Monday, September 13, 2010

Mike Allen's Playbook "Stuck on Suck-Up"

POLITICO Playbook came out with a bang a couple of months ago with hip, with-it, insider commentary on the Beltway Follies. Now he has descended to sheer slavish adolatry of The Won and relentless repetition of every DNC meme/trope/leit motif brought forward to prolong this criminal regime's hold on power, and lil mike's hold on the Beltway marquee... Here is Mikey's profound take on the Demonrats' concerted attacks on John Boehner:
PLAYBOOK FACTS AS LIFE: The basis of this spat is as confusing as it is obscure: The plan they're discussing probably couldn't get out of the Senate, anyway. But the opportunistic White House plans to keep pushing this attack - hard. And aides contend that the offensive vindicates their strategy of elevating Boehner. They built him up; now they can try to tear him down.

--A top operative e-mails after a few glasses: “This is political jujitsu at the highest level --- use ur opponents weight when he tries to punch you to pull him over you and put him on his back then quick punch to the adam's apple.”

It's already been noted of the desperation of an MSM which is seeing its Chosen Won going down the tubes to the apt repository of his thoughts/words/deeds. The desperation of the Demonrats to elevate John Boehner, an essentially colorless backroom pol of the old school, to some sort of superdemon, only then to knock him of their phony scaffolding they call a "pedestal," demonstrates just how totally frothing at the mouth the desperate Demonrats are.

And now that ANY discussions using the terms "stimulus" and "healthcare" are off the Demonrat playscript, will anyone in the so-called MSM dare to point out that both are in the negative 60% range in popularity???

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