Saturday, September 18, 2010

Atlantic Monthly Nutjob Ambinder Runs "Bash Palin" Up the Flagpole.

Stephan Urkel On Steroids

Atlantic Monthly has a ultra-left Marxist collection of cyphers who are Jekyll/Hyde changelings, but JournoList cabalmeister Marc Ambinder can always be counted on to channel his notorious-obsessive creepy pal Andy Sullivan, who as few as five years ago claimed he was a "conservative" before outing himself as a Provincetown streetwalker. Now, this wack-job Marc has come up with a grand and [not original] idea---instead of bashing Boehner, the feckless nutjobs in the White House should pummel Palin instead, because her imagined "social" values will repel the Democratic base and stampede them to the polls November 2nd to vote in their local Demonrat candidate.

JOSHUAPUNDIT ridicules the shallow pretentious Ambinder with just the right mix of irony and contempt.
White House spokeshole Robert Gibbs is already laying the ground to make Sarah Palin the new target, calling her 'the most formidable voice of the Republican Party'.

The Hill plays it up as 'rare praise'. Horse manure. What Gibbs is really saying is 'that Right Wing tea Party wacko Sarah Palin is the Republican party. Booga booga booga!!'

Well, I'll give the Obama Administration this - attempting to demonize Sarah Palin one more time is certainly easier than actually trying to run on their policies and record.

But while it plays in leftist strongholds like Manhattan or Georgetown. For most of the rest of the country, it will be seen as a desperate attempt to milk a little more airplay out of the same old song - sorta like the 'Everything is Bush's fault' meme.

The simple fact is that Independents aren't as put off by Palin as they are by this third-rate POTUS's thrashing around trying to find an "angle" or gimmick to get his approval ratings above 40%. Most Dems whose seats are in jeopardy are now telling him to stay away or even supporting a FULL extension of the Bush tax cuts. Pelosi's attempts to call class warfare on the wealthiest 3%. many of whom are small businessmen who think the latest $30 billion in credit is just another Dem con-job attempt, are rejected now by 31 Dems who are going to get squashed November 2nd. Another ten Dems going over to a full extension would mean Pelosi would lose in her own House.

While Ambinder's fantasizing about non-existent Tea Party social issues types, this White House is spinning its wheels just trying to keep its own troops from defecting. Yeah, like in Winter of '44, attack the Yanks in the West, and the Soviets won't invade Berlin.....!

The independents have come to the judgment that Palin isn't as ca-raaaazy as the Pelosi House and it's insane "we have to pass the law to see what it contains...." And Reid's "The war is lost [just as the surge is beginning to work]."

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