Friday, September 10, 2010

Just One Minute Comments About "What if they gave a Qu'ran Burning and Nobody Came?

Tom Malone has an excellent take on the incredible hype the stenographic US propaganda arm orchestrated by a Cass Sunstein conspiracy giving dictation to the NYT typists of today's "Three Minute Hate." Against American political opponents, not against America's overseas enemies as feebly represented by a Talking Head "imam" from Muslim Brotherhood HQ.

As a fluent [long ago at 4-4] Arabist both in reading and speaking trained by US Dept. of State, I couldn’t agree more that the Qu'ran burning is being hyped to omit the Ground Zeo mosque/nest-of-spies controversy from above the fold in the NYT even though "Pastor Jones"with his Yosemite Sam vibe is as bogus as "imam" Al-Rauf with a poor Omar Sharif imitation. Both are cellar-dwellers in their no-credential race to suck oxygen out of the air.

Indeed, the entire “religion of peace” is predicated on “Islam” the word for submission in Arabic, not only to God, but to his earthly representative, the Caliph, and to the local Qadi, none of which the furtive "Imam" can imitate. I long ago came to the conclusion that Islam is at its core a sort of atavistic form of plunder-driven colonialism, but in the sense of the caravan robbery and quick cattle/camel rustling which had long been a specialty of the Arabian peninsula before Mohammad started marrying six-year olds. Let's just call "Islamophobia" an updated form of anti-Semitism as the Arabs, ironically, are more semitic than the Jews, as Arabs possess no Thirteenth Tribe Turkish admixture of the Khazar variety in their gene pool --- though the Turkish Mamelukes, Seljuks, and later Ottomans did spread more than military rule among their captive Arab population!

As I see it, the Qu'ran burning is the best that the MSM can come up with this election year with a "Foley scandal." No mention by Amanpour or NOW about the stoning of various female "adulterers" in Iran. And as I said, the Ground Zero Mosque climbdown proceeds apace in the newsrooms of the elite political commissars taking dictation from the DNC & the Obolshie WH crew.

This phony “imam” Rauf is a false-flag undercover covert rep of the Muslim Brotherhood and inferentially supports a terrorist oganization like Hamas, blames the US for 911, and the libs blame patriotic Americans when Tea Party patriots critique his extortionate blackmail and fake religious credentials. His “legal arm” CAIR is also a Hamas supporter. Just how far do the libs and Hillarious Clytoon’s State Dept loons expect the American people, as opposed to the lumpenprole libs on the left, to support this travesty of good sense and insult to sane public policy. As a State Dept. trained Arabist, I’m aware that the terrorist minority of the Muslim world will consider this spurious “peace center” a memorial to the triumph of Osama and his suicidal boy-pals. They will consider the cringing cowardice of the libs as final proof that the US can be rolled by using its Fifth Column—called the Demonrat Party—to shirk the national security of the USA.

My guess is that since non-Muslims will not be allowed inside, it will become a “nest of spies,” the euphemism that the delusional half-wits in Iran called the US Embassy back in the day when Ahmedinejad was the gulag chief fo US Embassy women, like my FSO colleague Kathy Koob, whom he hassled over showing her forearms by rolling up her sleeves---read Guests of the Ayatollah.

I agree with the 911 spouse of the murdered fireman who says move it further from the WTC memorial. Al Rauf is the biggest threat to national security in the country. And burning a Qu’ran is NOTHING compared to erecting a memorial to an Islamic “victory” attained by deception, guile, and the dupe-PC idiocy of the Jamie Gorelicks and Janet Napolitanos of this country—add the self-described “mutt” POTUS to that list of security risks at the heart of the US govt. inaction and Obolshie is now showing his tin-ear is worse than we thought. I don't think he wants 8 years in the Oval Office anymore as Sunstein & diversity czar Mark Lloyd are now outed daily on Fox as enemies of the US Constitution.

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