Sunday, September 12, 2010

How the USA is being Flushed Down the Tubes by Obama and his Bolshie Buddies

The NYT's
David Brooks writes obliquely about the "genteeling of America" which whines a bit that Americans don't relish infrastructure and production jobs, but yearn for high-revenue prestige jobs like the law, investment banking, real estate brokering, and other service industry jobs with high income potential.

Another recent approach was Michael Lewis's hilarious article on Greece and its humongous $12 trillion deficit, which the feckless Hellenes have decided is the fault of a few monks on Mount Athos, a virtually inaccessible peninsula where men live 9th c. lives without any females, even chickens, allowed in the monastery precincts. As Lewis explains, 3 out of 4 jobs in Greece are somehow related to the government and not paying taxes is the national pastime---NOBODY pays taxes and if you are chased for tax money, you take it to court and the adjudication usually lasts a decade. NOBODY is accountable and the Greek deficit became possible when they fudged the numbers to enter the EU and the ever-gullible Germans kept feeding the dragon.

Now the unions are threatening the socialist PM, who is actually more of a capitalist than his Conservative Ponzi Scheme predecessor, with all sorts of retribution, but the conservatives will not go back to rule because they are more responsible than the Papandreou socialists for the Ponzi debacle. I had dinner with George P's brother when he was at Princeton and their daddy was PASOK PM. Nikos explained that Greece and its economy is simply a gigantic RICO scam.

The joke on the libturds in the USA is that they seem to want to emulate the worst parts of the European economic experience [high guaranteed employment thru govt jobs, shitty govt healthcare with death panels] without imitating the best---cheap nuclear and hydroelectric power in France, Germany, Italy.

If the US lets the SEIU thugs and other unions [Greeks spend 4X what America does on their schools and the students require tutors because the Greek teachers unions won't allow monitoring] to take over education and service industries, we will look like Greece in two score years.

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