Monday, August 02, 2010

Obama Iraq Speech Echoed in NYT, NBC

NYT's article on the lack of progress in Iraq was echoed by an NBC hack named Engel who actually said that "Iraq now has electricity only 12 hours a day as opposed to under Saddam Hussein when it had 24-hour/day electricity."

Engel is the rat-pussy who lied about American soldiers when he was stationed in-country two years ago, exaggerating, according to others in the units he said were suffering from low morale, in order to make a political point. This was under GWB, when Engel and his fellow Taliban-sympathizers [including perhaps Amanpour] were shoveling loads of stuff like Petraeus=Betray Us into the journalistic fog bank. As long as fellow com-symp Brian Williams is in charge of the newsroom, agitprop and corporation-bashing [NBC managed to have its clueless Anne Thompson completely mistate about a half-dozen facts on the BP spill tonite] will proceed.

When I was in Vietnam, a custom called "fragging" occasionally took true believers of both ends of the spectrum off the roster. Maybe Engel might remember that when he and other creeps [Daniel Ellsberg, the sex pervert child molester comes to mind] when they get into the gunsight range of real patriots.

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