Thursday, August 05, 2010

Canuck Judge Worse Than US Variety of Scofflaw Judges

woof, I'm a cowardly Muslim dog, Canadian version.

Monkey-face Abdullah Khadr was accused of buying weapons for al-Qaeda. The Canadian was in a Canuck jail since 2005 and extradition proceedings to get him to the US for prosecution were underway. Then,
The judge said statements made by Mr Khadr and used as the basis for the case against him were "unreliable".
Mr Khadr was arrested in Pakistan in October 2004 after the CIA offered Pakistani authorities a $500,000 (£314,000) bounty.
The US accused him of procuring weapons, including mine components and rocket-propelled grenades, for al-Qaeda to use against coalition forces in Afghanistan. He returned to Canada after about a year in Pakistani custody, and in December 2005 was arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at US request. The US sought to extradite him to face charges. On Wednesday, Superior Court Judge Christopher Speyer halted extradition proceedings, effectively denying the US bid.

The Canadian government has yet to decide whether to appeal.

I was ready to splutter with righteous rage at our moronic northern neighbor, but then remembered that, unlike the cowardly Dutch, the Canadians still have troops fightiing in Afghanistan, and in places where they can take casualties, unlike, say, the pussy Germans.

Still, someone should have "Judge Christ-bearer" Speyer excommunicated, although given he's a Canuck judge, he's probably gay and atheist anyway.

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