Friday, August 06, 2010

Dutch Finally See the Light on Islamic Terrorism=Koran

Geert Wilders "far-right" Freedom Party will be included in the new coalition government in Holland. In the Economist's opinon:
"For a country used to the smack of firm government, this unstable construction is a risky venture. And yet in a way it encapsulates Dutch politics. For almost a decade many Dutch voters have supported various anti-immigration, anti-Muslim parties, while mainstream politicians have struggled to purge them from the system. With the economic crisis blowing in his sails, Mr Wilders may soon wield the influence they sought."

And unlike the ridiculous socialist nonsense being peddled by the Demoncrat Party in the USA, soon to be a minority party itself, the new coalition plans to REDUCE TAXES and REDUCE THE DEFICIT:
The fragile governing structure being put in place is motivated by a feeling in the VVD and the CDA that the economy needs emergency treatment. The parties share a vision of recovery based on tax cuts and reductions in benefits spending. These measures, they hope, should reduce the budget deficit by €18 billion ($23.7 billion). But the only party willing, in principle, to back this approach was Mr Wilders’s.

The JournoLista juicebox pre-schoolers will soon be shoved into the corner and forced to wear the dunce caps already worn by the networks---bozo bitch Couric & volunteer fireboy Brianna Williams, & tea-bagger inventor Anderson ["360-rimjob"] Cooper & the Mess-NBC crews, all led by the ring in their snouts by the NYT & its pilot fish.

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