Monday, August 16, 2010

Muslim Leadership With Terrorist Ties and Sympathies Pushes Ground Zero Mosque


Politico Pundits are whining that the GOP ia lashing out at American Muslims.
"The president supports a mosque at ground zero led by a man who blamed America for 9/11, his top intelligence official preaches the true meaning of jihad, and his attorney general can't even say the words 'radical Islam,'" said Michael Goldfarb, an adviser to Keep America Safe. "You start to worry they don't understand who the enemy is, and so Republicans might understandably feel like they have to spell it out for them."

Congenital idiot Ibrahim Hooper blames the Tea Party and calls them bigots. I call Hooper a terrorist enabler. CAIR doesn't represent nor speak for the three million or so Muslims in the USA, and Andy McCarthy's book The Grand Jihad spells out how the American professional left and elites on campuses and newsrooms are encouraging Muslim radicals to incite hatred by provocative acts such as the Ground Zero Mosque. As an Arabist with State Dept credentials, I understand the inner violence that Islam's history of militaristic aggrandizements from the Prophet onward have made islam an intolerant and brutal religion.
Current terrorist enablers like Hooper and his leftist allies push relentlessly for a hopeless mishmash of the sort which has encouraged terrorism in Europe. Only France, with its draconian edicts against the wearing of burkas in public, has escaped a successful terrorist attack. Meanwhile, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK and Sweden have daily attacks on Christians by Muslim thugs. And GWB is partly to blame for the impudence of terrorist enablers like Hooper and CAIR.
Leading New York Republicans acknowledge a shift from the Bush years, but say Muslim leaders, not Republicans, are to blame. "George Bush made every attempt to reach out," said Rep. Pete King, a leading critic of the mosque project. "The Muslim community did not reciprocate, did not respond. After Sept. 11, some of them became entrenched and really didn't know how to cope.

"Somehow the leadership in the community does not impel them forward to be more part of the community. That's my reading of it," said King, who also noted that sensitivities involving the site are far deeper, and more real, than many are willing to recognize beyond the boundaries of New York.

The Republicans will further slaughter the vestiges of Demoncrat credibility and look for a huge change in government as the discredited POTUS Zero and his henchcritters, Pelosi & Reid, lose their power in Congress.
"There should be no mosque near ground zero in New York so long as there are no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia," wrote former House Speaker Newt Gingrich a day later.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, though he represents a relatively heavily Muslim state, rebuffed pleas from local Muslim leaders to back off his suggestion that the mosque would "degrade and disrespect" the Trade Center site. A spokesman for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney cited both "the wishes of the families of the deceased and the potential for extremists to use the mosque for global recruiting and propaganda" in opposing it.

Reciprocity is the rule for any negotiations, even when basic religious principles apply.

The sophomoric tyro in the Oval Office would understand this were he not an ideological fruitcake baked in Alinsky's ovens.

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