Saturday, August 21, 2010

French & Indian War: Why they Make Natural Allies?

Okay, my map may be inaccurate, but I'm a scientist at "" and you're not! Plus forget about sunspots or other ET global warming hypotheses, We're doing it to ourselves and we have to pay the price [except China & India]

The Solutrean Theory keeps bugging me as during my long years in France, I was a certifiable archeology buff, reading books by Abbe Breuel and Teilhard de Chardin as well as visiting many small museums in the Lyon consular district where I was US Vice Consul during the '70s. The magnificent spearheads carved of stone called the Solutrean and Chancelade were especially intriguing, because they were more sophisticated than subsequent stone-headed axe and spear tips called the Magdelenean. Solutrean culture is associated with the Altamira and Lascaux cave paintings as well, and the high level of artistic and aesthetic development of these human artifacts hidden for millennia fascinated me no end. I have never been able to secure a visit to the caves in the Dordogne region where these caves are now almost totally inaccessible save for certifiable scientific expeditions.

But the Solutrean theory is much more intriguing, as the Clovis ax and spear points which appear in North America around 15,000 BC share very many of the uniquely sophisticated flaking and sharpening bifacial techniques of the slightly earlier {21K - 17K YA] found in southern France and northern Spain. A visit to the wikipedia site shows the maximum glaciation which appeared to cover the entire North Atlantic during parts of the millennia which could have enabled shore-boating Solutrean/Chancelade groups to follow the ice coast west to North America. Any sophisticated purveyors of advanced artistic methodologies could surely have managed technologies of adapting to the encroaching glacis from the North pushing southward across their ancestral hunting areas. Could isolated groups have willy-nilly got blow westward or even established a a two-way bridge from the southern French-Basque-Pyrennean Solutrean tribal units in North America?

Maybe the cover-ups by politically-correct American politicians benfitting from the vast rake-offs from casinos established in Indian tribal areas---the Seminole tribe just acquired all the Hard Rock franchises worldwide!---could halt enough to see whether the intriguing Caucasoid skulls of Kennewick man in Oregon and Spirit Cave Mummy in Nevada can be examined using advanced DNA techniques.

Wouldn't it be ironic if European settlers from the Pyrenees arrived in North America around the time the Beringia migrations from East Asia were occurring---and the beautiful Clovis points were a cultural/technological import from Western Europe?

The same "scientists" who conspire to disappear the Middle Age Warming Period and the Mini Ice Age from 1620-1750, caused by the Maunder Minimum in sunspot activity for twelve consecutive sunspot cycles are among the claque of PC purists who value their careerist research funding and herd-based political uniformity over any "search for scientific knowledge," a quest now sought only by outliers, eccentrics and real geniuses.

Most of the "scientists" nowadays follow the career aspirations if not the lethal single-mindedness of "Doctor Amy Bishop," currently denied bail in Alabama for shooting her three tenure committee to death after they denied this "Harvard intellectual" what she deemed was her rightful unfireable niche in academia. How many other Amy Bishops and Bernie Madoff and Mayor Bloomberg type PC nutjobs are willing to do anything to advance their agendas in the so-called East Coast elites?

In the meantime, don't expect any DNA permissions from the Department of the Interior for ancient skeletons and artifacts, except perhaps copralites, to clear up the multi-culti invasion of America from both East and West. You see, the so-called "Native Americans" deny any Beringia immigration since they're autochthonous, having sprung from the ground all by themselves, and been given the right for casinos by the great Wakan Tanka or whatever, if the right senators and governors are bought off. In exchange, they get to have their founder myths exempted from any scientific or rational inquiry, just like ObamaCare and other immense bill from the autocratic Left which have to be passed in order to see what's in them!!!!

Fidel Castro has told Cesar Chavez that he's making a big mistake in allowing even vestiges of democracy to remain in Venezuela rather than just declare a Communist take-over, a la the bearded Stalin/Hitler of Havana. Maybe he's telling Pelosi and Harry Reid the same advice, since they appear transfixed by his opaque, unaccountable approach to running the country.

Ditto Jug-ears in the Oval Office!

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