Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nancy Jumps into the Rabbit Hole and Becomes the Red Queen!

Slutty or Stupid, I can Play it Both Ways!

Leaker of the House Pelosi has finally overfilled her douche-bag, and in public, by threatening an investigation of the anti-Ground Zero Mosque phenomenon, which comprises about 75% of all Americans at last count, including Harry Reid, the Leaker of the House's counterpart in the Senate.

Gosh, maybe it's just "astro-turf" like Nancy said that pesky bunch of RNC financed Tea Party people were---just community organizers on the right like Obambi was on the left. For the botox-addled brain of this ideological moron, her paint-by-the-numbers politics means that the same "astro-turf" phenomenon is occurring with the anti-mosque crew, to her and her sh*t-for-brains fellow paranoids [Hilarious Clinton's VRWConspiracy comes to mind], there has got to be some sort of conspiracy.

Or perhaps this PMS-brain is entering the first stages of dementia, on the national political stage, demonstrating that her double-digit IQ is now overwhelmed with an emotional tsunami of hormonal dreck. Time for this over-the-hill specimen of feebleminded fascism her to throw in the towel and do the right thing, the thing that serial criminals like Rangel, Waters, and half of the Congressional Black Caucus still refuse to do.

Get all of their sorry asses out of Congress before the legal system puts them in jail. Cop a plea, granma Nancy, we know you're way too old for the job.

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