Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wonder Why Man-Chile Obama keeps doing Fund-raisers for BarBoxer?

Boxer Reprimanding General for Not Addressing Her with Correct Designation

Man-Chile doesn't give WH Press Conferences and loves the limelight, so what better way to spend $100K/hour of the taxpayers money on Air Force One than flying to the stupidest, most banal airhead constituency [except maybe Marxist perfessers] that still loves him. Like dingbat fucktardette Scarlett Johannsen who actually said she loved Obama's Kool-Aid, not having a clue that it referred to the poisonous drink Jim Jones gave his socialist commune in the natural end-game of socialism---kill the citizens [via death panels in his ObamaCare fiasco that 63% of Americans dislike] while pretending to give them pleasant refreshments. I guess there isn't enuf viagra in the world for Woody's tiny schmuckless pecker to straighten her out on this point.

Tonight's three events bring Mr. Obama's fund-raising total for the year to 19. His count since taking office will hit 47. His fund-raising total since day one now amounts to $46.5 million. At the same point in his presidency, George W. Bush had done fewer fundraisers, 32 - but had raised more money, over $110 million. The reason? New limits on so-called "soft money" contributions had not yet kicked it.

Under FEC regulations, the Boxer campaign and the DSCC will have to share some of the costs of flying Mr. Obama from Washington to San Francisco for tonight's political events. But as a share of the actual $100,000 per hour cost of flying Air Force One, the amount the campaign committees must reimburse the government amounts to only a small fraction. It's a tremendous political advantage enjoyed by presidents of both parties.

But the expense to Boxer and the DSCC is further amortized by the fact that the president will be doing a policy event tomorrow morning on solar energy, which means taxpayers will bear most of the cost of flying him home to Washington.

Carly Fiorina has enough money to make this into a race, but la-la-land is too effed up to predict, and even though Boxer's soft porn novels tanked despite her making Demo-rats buy them at fund-raisers, the skanky poster girl for Jewish trailer trash may still squeeze past another Senate election---the corruption of the Cal political machine matches its Mexican neighbor to the south, except in California, Mexican illegals' votes are more important than in Sonora or Baja where the elections are rigged at HQ. And Prez-candidate Colosimo, who was assassinated a dozen years ago near Tijuana, deserved the bullet less than skanky Bobo to the north.

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