Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Man-Child Suckered Again As Feckless Obama Gets Blind-sided by Brazil

Is it any surprise that Obama was bamboozled by Brazil, a country that surpasses the US by far in corruption and misgovernment? While Obama played patty-cake with Iran's corrupt theocracy, desperately believing his own mojo voodoo diplomacy would woo the Iranian terror-state into giving up the bomb, a crackpot named Lula steals the prize---promising Iran plenty plus a vote on the Security Council where the soccer power has a temporary seat.

But Obama's solipcisms die hard and he still thinks that playing nice with American enemies, while bashing its allies like Israel, Poland, Honduras and Australia, will get him chits in the world-wide poker game he thinks he's playing. Jennifer Rubin in Commentary reminds the Man-Child chosen-boy that it's chess the US is playing and being nice only uses up time before the move buzzer goes off.

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