Saturday, May 22, 2010

Obama Campaigns against GWBush

It's getting clearer every day to the American voter that this man-child isn't up to the job---if he is a "visionary thinker" as former Clinton aide Paul Begala asserts, it's because he's taking hallucinigens, not because he has a firm intellectual basis on which to project a consistent bunch of policies. Even Begala recognizes that campaigning against GWBush and his supposed responsibility for "driving the economy into a ditch" is a non-starter.

As for the Community Reinvestment Act, which was the catalyst for the cascade of subprime mortgages that brought down the economy in 2006-7-8, that misconceived legislation might have been fine and dandy had it applied to public areas like the high-rise projects in Chicago and other cities, but when it was applied to the private sector, it was Jim Crow laws turned upside down, with an economic effect of robbing the lower middle class to pay the lower class whom due diligence and prudent business practices would not give long-term mortgages to without equity.

When you have feckless lawyers like Clinton, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and other politicos who've never had an honest job in their lives making and applying nutjob parameters against redlining overcompensating for what were past injustices, you have horrible economics and awful law. Yes, a few Republicans signed on, but it was Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that was staffed by over-the-hill Democrat pols on their way out of government who were paid enormous undeserved bonuses who certified the subprime mortgages as backer-of-last-resort. GWB tried ineffectively to turn the CRA around, but he was too busy chasing overseas chimera to really put his back into the job. Instead, he fiddled around with Social Security reform, and when hysterics like Pelosi demagogued it as rolling back the New Deal [Bill Clinton also had called for Social Security reform, which is corroding our national debt and is an iron bar in the house of cards of our economy], GWB didn't fight back, but retreated to his ranch to clear more underbrush. The underbrush remained tinder in DC and eventually caught fire when the sub-prime house of cards began to topple in 2007. Except for Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor in the House, no Republican leader has been able to articulate any defense against the onslaught of ceaseless Democrat-controlled MSM lies, exaggerations, and accusations of racism. Why are the Republican members of the leadership so cowardly? Are they all RINOS?

And now this supercilious second-rate version of Jimmy Carter [wrap your mind around that concept] has now burdened our economy with a healthcare code that favors Dem constituents like tort lawyers and other con men while it tears the bottom out of the economy, which will resemble Greece's in a few years. Public sector dishonesty like Obama's, Pelosi's, and the feckless Reid's can't succeed no matter how many free lunches the Democrats promise their generation of freeloading slackers and layabouts, SEIU thugs and scam-prone lawyers and self-anointed class-act victims such as female employees.

Obama represents a generation of Echo-boomers with the pretensions of their elders, but the ambitions of a third-world tourist-trap hellhole.

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