Friday, May 28, 2010

Rush Indicts Two Master Criminals Who "Get Their Stories Straight" Over an Oval Office Lunch!

Rush Limbaugh has already got a biography coming called "Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One" that is sure to debut on the NYT best seller list after an Op-Ed article by author Zev Chavets which is driving agitprop pundits batty with the sentence: "Republican success in 2010 can be boiled down to two words: Rush Limbaugh."

The atheistic haters and their hateful acolytes in the state-controlled media are cringing and cowering, while uttering obscenity-laced responses from fake "intellectuals" like Bill Maher that Limbaugh is guilty of everything from drug abuse to "sedition," in the eyes of the brain-dead governor of Taxachusetts, Derval Patrick.

Now Limbaugh slaughters, guts, butchers and skewers Obama and Wee Willy for setting up an exit strategy from the felony rap that Clintooooon and Rahm-bo might face were it to come out that it was a non-paid advisory job on a Presidential Panel that was dangled in front of Sestak instead of the prestigious Secretary of the Navy position. First Rush softens up the audience by noting that it was Sestak's brother that is implicated:

Have you noticed the Democrats always throw their brothers under the bus when a controversy comes up? I mean look at the brothers of Democrats always get thrown to the wolves. Billy Carter got thrown to the wolves. Roger Clinton got thrown to the wolves. Hillary's brothers got thrown to the wolves. Hugh Rodham was thrown to the wolves and now Sestak's brother. It's all Sestak's brother's fault! Do you know what the two most dangerous jobs in the world are? The two most dangerous jobs in the world are being number three at Al-Qaeda and being the brother of an American Democrat politician -- and of course look at Obama's brother! This guy, he's still stuck in a hut. He's still living in a six-by-nine-foot hut in Kenya. His brother is president and he hadn't even sent the him a little sign "Home, Sweet Hut." Living in a hut for crying out loud! Twenty dollars would change this guy's life. No running water.

Libtards will run hissingly that the starving yokel in Kenya is Obama's half-brother, but that was Rush juking around the Obama goose slowly basting as his incompetence is revealed like layers of an onion---which is what Obama's job performance so far looks like===an Onion parody. Then Rush moves in to make the accusation:

CALLER: I just think that this is absurd with this Sestak job offer. Nobody's going to offer somebody a job with no compensation to give up a Senate race? That's absurd.

RUSH: Well, but the Democrats understand they've got a sympathetic and supportive stenographer-like media to report this -- and they have, of course, the august stature of Bill Clinton stand behind the veracity of this. I mean, what better guy could they have found to carry the story than a guy that has been willing to commit perjury before.

Later Rush expatiates, as it were:
RUSH: Here's what happened. I've been hearing this ever since the story broke. When I brought it up to people, they said, "Come on, Rush! This is how Washington works. This is nothing new. People are offered patronage jobs or bribed with jobs all the time. You know, look at all these Democrats that are retiring. David Obey! You think he's leaving for nothing? Of course not. He's going to be rewarded for all his work. He's going to get a lobbying job." I said, "Yeah, but Sestak broke the code! Sestak said he was offered a job. Nobody talks about it. It's always been something, 'Yeah, it happens. We just assume it,' but Sestak went out there and he broke the code by saying it and then he realized he broke the code and he said it because then the onus was on him." Now, he didn't lie. He didn't lie, but it was thought maybe he was lying or somebody in the White House was.

And then they all figured out, "You know what? This is an impeachable offense!" So they have been working hard trying to massage this and interesting trying to massage it, who do they go to? Bill Clinton. They have lunch yesterday with Clinton, and they come up with this line. As I said at the top of the program: It never hurts to find the guy who has been willing to commit perjury before to come out and cover your rear end on something like this. So this notion that the job didn't require any compensation? If it's a high-ranking and important job, and it's unpaid, then how in the world can it be high-ranking? I think Sestak probably spoke outta turn because he's an academy grad. He's an honorable guy. He said, "I was offered a gig." So he broke the code. He let the cat out of the bag. They're all saying, "Gosh, what the hell did he do? Gee, what kind of mess are we in." So they've been circling the wagons, and this is what it's they've come up with. And Sestak has said, "I'm saying nothing. Whatever the White House counsel's office says, that's my version, too."

Read the rest of the transcript for the usual snarky but valuable nuggets that make Rush the most listened-to and highly-regarded, except by elitist snobs and gatekeeper rabbis, pundit in the US of A.

And if you don't believe me, the New York Times Op-Ed concurs, ha ha ha!

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