Sunday, March 01, 2009

Thomas Fleming on GWB & "Worst" Presidents

Semi-literate "historians" like Brinkley and Dallek are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the DNC. See what a truly great historian has to say about other presidents, including the "chameleon on plaid" and the ineffable J.E.C.:
Is Mr. Bush worse than Roosevelt in his second term? Re-elected by a massive majority, FDR wanted to pack the Supreme Court with Democrats. Congress, dominated by members of his own party, wasted a year wrangling over the bill and ultimately rejected it. Meanwhile, FDR's intemperate remarks about greedy businessmen wrecked confidence and triggered a semireplay of the Great Depression in 1937. The Republicans made massive gains in the 1938 midterm elections. FDR was rescued from an exit even more humiliating than Jefferson's by World War II, which he used as an excuse to run for a third term.

Worse than Jimmy Carter, the self- proclaimed Washington "outsider" who presided over the most horrendous stagflation in our history? As his poll numbers sank, Mr. Carter had the temerity to lecture citizens on their "crisis of spirit." His approval rating had plummeted to 22% when Ronald Reagan defeated him. Let us skip Bill Clinton. He and Bush are too contiguous; proximity makes comparisons inevitably rancorous.

Fleming does go on to give the positive achievements of many of the presidents including FDR:
FDR's masterful confrontation with the fear created by the Great Depression made his first term an unforgettable achievement.

But the busted-flush peanut farmer will remain for most Americans who lived through his horrendous mismanagement of EVERY aspect of governance down there with Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, and Warren B. Harding.

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