Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Kroft Plays Patty-Cake w/ BHO on 60 Minutes

Obama's frantic fumblings are beginning to swirl slowly in the porcelain pipeline to where his policies belong.

Four points between Strong Approval and Strong Disapproval.

Soon to be Updated......
UPDATENo one in the "media elites" has bothered to notice that the feckless Geithner was questioned on the bonuses on C-Span by a NY Democrat Congressman on March 3, 2009. Geithner therefore mousetrapped himself in a blatant lie when he claimed two weeks later that he hadn't heard of the bonuses until March 10th. Among the softballs tossed to BHO by Kroft, this hardball would have been appropriate, but was not one of Kroft's sycophantic patty-cake questions.

The sight of Nancy P leading a lynch mob to turn around bonuses APPROVED IN THE STIMULUS bill just a fortnight before [of course, no one in Congress actually even READ the bill in the 12-hours before the vote, let alone ran it through Committee, that would be judicious & prudent] was ridiculous and an exhibition of the usual pitchfork & torches stupidity that Demo-bots revert to in a lemming-like group-think panic [and a lot of RINOs also joined the stampede]. Neither Geithner nor Obama dared display a moment of sanity in the face of this generalized craven cowardice.

I don't think a line is going to form of candidates to be the next Deputy Treasury Sec'y until Geithner's real status is ascertained.

Kroft wouldn't have mentioned a silent "tsunami" surge of outrage that has a 32% STRONG disapproval of Obama in Rasmussen might stem from failing to veto Pelosi/Reid from their 9000 earmarks & bills passed without due diligence and then posturing mindlessly [which fits their mental endowments] to tax bonuses granted two weeks before.

OTOH, Obama's STRONG APPROVAL has dwindled to 36%, four points above his STRONG DISAPPROVAL poll ratings. These two markers will be reversed VERY SOON unless some deus ex machina appears out of nowhere.
UPDATE 2 The Economist has the goods on why Obama & Co. are now into the "permanent campaign" mode that Billy Jeff made the hallmark of his reign. Obama's Court Jester Gibbs is the preeminent extension, but Axelroid & Rahm-bo are the organs of the beast.

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