Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SCOTUS must decide if it is "Voice of God"

Slate has a good article on the corrupt West Virginia Chief Justice Brent Benjamin, a morbidly obese buffoon elected by s $3 million contribution from a corrupt coal magnate to turn around a case judging whether said corrupt magnate stole a competitor's coal company. Bloated hippo Benjamin refuses to recuse himself and nattering megalomaniac Scalia sees no problem with that, while the rest of the SCOTUS must decide on whether the widespread [and correct] public perception of a judiciary run wild and amok could eventually lead to a constitutional crisis.

Remember when Nancy [9000 earmarks] Pelosi said that SCOTUS was "the voice of God" [back when Democrats controlled it with Sandra Day O'Connor playing Hera]? Looks like the Roberts Court will be in the crosshairs of the corrupt MSM until Obama appoints a Dem to offset the current 5-4 tenuous Repub majority [though that can wobble given Kennedy's predilection to do his Danish prince imitation].

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