Thursday, March 05, 2009

Foreign Ministry Putin Pal Says USA on Brink of Dissolution

Igor Panarin could be classified as just another ultra-left America-bashing delusional dude, but he more or less represents the so-called "thinking" of poisoner Vlad Putin, tiny 5'5" Prime Minister of all the Russias when he says that the USA is in imminent peril of dissolving into [at least] six rump states by 2010 [the clock is ticking!]!

Whether or not Igor has a hunchback, his mind is certainly out of synch with mainstream thinking, and he is a frequent talking head on Russian TV, now controlled by Putin, and has a job as a dean at Russia's Foreign Ministry School, akin to the US Foreign Service Institute, where I spent many a long day studying languages, consular and economic activities, etc. Evidently, the politicization of the Russian School reflects Putin's daydreams, as he works surrounded by Stalin's library, which he is said to consult frequently to check on the former Dear Leader Sr.'s annotations and other scribblings next to Karl Marx's Torah and Babylonian Talmud [Marx was the son of a rabbi, and the progeny of seven rabbis. He married well & spent most of his time in the British Library when he wasn't writing for the New York Herald Tribune, the only job he ever had.]

One of Panarin's students asked him whether Russia itself would collapse. In the apodictic way of Communist political commissars, Igor replied "The collapse of Russia will not occur."

Glad we got that sorted out.

UPDATE Almost forgot! Panarin says that Alaska will soon "revert" to Russian control in some unspecified fashion. Vlad's got it all figured out and his sock puppet Igor will continue to explicate. I for one just can't wait for the next chapter and verse.

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