Saturday, March 21, 2009

Barack's Gaffes and Biden's Bonehead Blunders

Barry Hussein-O since his election has been on a run to surpass the total of GWB's many silly blunders and Joe Biden still hasn't shot a hunting partner by mistake, but both are surpassingly silly in public very often, though bumping one's head in the Marine Helicopter isn't a baddie in my book.

But Joe "Hairplugs" Biden has demonstrated that he is just about the dumbest Veep in the history of the USA, or at least on a path to become a Guinness Record Holder for outrageously dumb statements in public. His so-called "foreign policy expertise" has evaporated in the public mind when he opined that Hezbollah has been kicked out of Lebanon, when in fact the terrorist maniacs are taking over the country with the help of Syrian through targeted assassinations of Christian & moderate politicians and newsies---something "Plugs" Biden evidently hasn't heard about while prowling about as "Chairman" of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee before being elevated to V.P.

The Telegraph has a sum-up of the most outstanding [or outrageous] goofs by all candidates during the campaign, though the MSM curiously neglected to follow up the gaffes by Barry Hussein-O and his goofy sidekick in their "slobbering" sycophancy toward the Demo-bot candidates [as Bernie Goldberg's new book describes the US media's lack of journalism.]

Biden's asking "my good friend" to "stand up" while evidently unaware that said "good friend" was a paraplegic is probably his emblematic moment as a kompleat klown. But the many ridiculous statements this voluble airhead has already made promise to make him a permanent fixture in American political lore. The statement of FDR calming the American people in '29 on TV shows he is living his dream....and commenting on said dreams out loud.

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