Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Afghanistan Becomes "Another Vietnam" Overnite

The Wall Street Journal notes that the political commissars are now carrying out a "corrective movement" in the Rahm-bo/Axelroid Party Line emanating from lil Emanuel's OC den just west of the Oval Office. Leslie Gelb began the rollout of the latest of a long line of betrayals the ultra-left has generated against the U.S. military and the American people in an Op-Ed piece in the NYT the other day on Friday the 13th felicitously titled "How to Leave Afghanistan. ["In the Lurch"] is understood by anyone familiar with this writer, whose name in its language of origin is appropriately "yellow." Decades of treasonous behavior have eaten his spine away. But why the sudden volte face?
What are the circumstances that define Afghanistan today? Yes, the Taliban is "resurgent," but mainly in the sense that militarily it is marginally more effective now than four years ago. Yes, much of the countryside is unsafe, but the cities, for the most part, are not unsafe.

Corruption is rampant and President Hamid Karzai is feckless, but he is legitimate and Afghanistan has seen far worse. The system of electing representatives and appointing governors is dysfunctional, but at least there's a system. NATO was much too slow in training and equipping the Afghan army and police, but now they are being trained and equipped. The poppy trade is flourishing and provides the Taliban leadership with considerable income, but they are as unpopular as ever.

And so on. The real heart of our Afghan problem lies in our expectations of what this primitive and riven country is ever likely to become. The achievement of the past seven years lies mainly in what Afghanistan has not become: To wit, a safe haven for some of the worst people on earth.

But Obama is tarred with trashing the Surge only to see it end in a resounding success, which even ABC Evening News trumpeted Monday night in a long piece by Terry McCarthy, an actual responsible member of the MSM. So now this perennially wrong young man who has wriggled out of relationships with traitors like Bill Ayers and who was against the Surge, is now going to re-rat and turn against Afghanistan? I don't think so.

So this is the traitor wing of the Demo-bot Party, again demonstrating that history repeats itself when it comes to cowardice:
Which brings us back to the left. Much will never go right in Afghanistan, but that doesn't mean things couldn't be a lot worse. For instance, Joe Biden can continue to trash Hamid Karzai, as Jack Kennedy trashed Ngo Dinh Diem. Or we could pursue a talk-and-fight approach to the Taliban, as Lyndon Johnson did with North Vietnam. Or the antiwar movement of the present could give encouragement to our enemies in the Middle East that they can bleed America into withdrawal, as a previous generation of peace activists encouraged Ho Chi Minh.

In that case, Afghanistan really will turn out to be another Vietnam and the prophesies of the left will be (self-) fulfilled. The sequel to this movie, by the way, is called "The Killing Fields."

Which the academicide wing of the Demo-bots will rewrite as "How Green Was My Valley" in the revisionist version.

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