Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stanford Tip of Dem RICO Crime Syndicate?

Prostitute of The House Pelosi is depicted in a photo with her arms around the disappeared money magnate Allen Stanford, as is unconvicted felon William Jefferson Clinton. In another Dem scandal, studiously ignored by the MSM which only identify it as "another Abramoff scandal," [even though all the culprits are DEMOCRATS which probably is why we aren't hearing of it except in an ABC crawler], contemptible contemptuous crook Murtha of PA refused to respond to questions concerning he would return the more than $100.000 that PMA disbursed into his campaign funds. My guess: the treasonous criminal will thumb his nose for a while, then let the money dribble back.

Of course, one of the main recipients of the tainted cash is Zoe Lofgren [D-CA], CHAIRMAN OF THE HOUSE ETHICS COMMITTEE.

My bet is that this blogsite might be one of the few times this "Abramoff-size" scandal is called what it really is----the tip of the Iceberg [along with Stanford] of the many scams and other illegal fund-raising means [re: Sen Burris D-IL] that the Dems employed over the last few years to become the TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY that rams through a $787 billion pork package with less than 24 hours review and no examination/debate permitted about its many [unconstitutional?] disbursements.

And if you believe Obama's earnest pronoucements that he will change the political culture of the RICO lobbies, "The war is lost" Sen. Majority Leader Reid set the Jumped-Up Jr. Sen. from Illinois straight rapidly on Jan. 20 by noticing that
"People should understand that lobbyists, per se, are someone's father, mother, son, daughter," said Reid. "They work for a living." The Democratic leader's sons and a son-in-law have worked as lobbyists.

It's obvious that the Democrats are getting a free ride from the huge majority of the mainstream media, who overlook and refuse to seriously investigate the gigantic criminal operations a Stanford or a Murtha-run PMA lobby are among the perps.

Already, unconvicted-felon BillyJeff is musing about a "Fairness Doctrine" without the oxymoronic name [and unconstitutiona frills] .

And when tax-cheat Rahm Emanuel gets his hands on the 2010 census, the hapless rump of loyal Repubs [sine RINO RICOs like Specter & the two ME crones] might as well become a debating society.

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