Sunday, February 01, 2009

Female Cub Reporter Murdered in Moscow---MSM Ignores, and Putin Has Another Notch in His Pistol

Vlad The Empoisoner doesn't like the reporters of Novaya Gazeta, it seems:
In a country considered one of the most dangerous for journalists, no Russian newspaper has suffered like Novaya Gazeta. In a country where most media have been cowed into submission, no other newspaper publishes such probing investigative articles and acid commentary about government corruption, police-state politics and Chechnya war abuses.
"Every two or three years, we lose someone," says Elena Kostyuchenko, a 21-year-old investigative writer for the paper. "But you just have to write, write, write and keep writing. You have to."
Some 16 journalists have died in contract-style slayings or under suspicious circumstances in Russia since 2000. Many more have been assaulted or threatened.
Under Vladimir Putin, who became president in 2000 and now is prime minister, the TV networks watched by most Russians were taken over by the state, their news operations highly sanitized. Big-selling newspapers are either sympathetic to the Kremlin or owned by Kremlin-allied business groups.
Dwarf-in-Chief Putin has the respect of western press flunkies, who don't want to be in his cross-hairs and thus write flattering pieces or ignore the Russian slaughter of investigative journalists.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan once noted that the cowards in the US media routinely cower before nasty dictators---much more craven than the brave young Elenas, Anastasias, and other investigative journalists in Russia and other press-hounding places, which thus get favorable press [Iran, e.g.] because, as Moynihan noted, US columnists and reporters lash out with impunity on honorable gentlemen like George W. Bush, aware they are unaccountable for their hectoring libelous exaggerations. Moynihan noted their reticence in cases where their own careers or reputation or hides might be in jeopardy.

So murderers like Putin and Amadinnerjacket get fawning kowtows from the likes of Christiane Amanpour while GWB & Tony Blair are excoriated by moral retards and physical cowards who know that they can lie with impunity and that in the boardrooms of the NYT and WaPo, ideology trumps truth in making a "journalist's" career.

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