Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Bill Means Stagflation Coming Along With British & Japanese Diseases

David Brooks has a "worst-case scenario" up in today's Op-Ed in the NYT of the results of this disastrous abortion of a bill. The grab-bag of scams and pork projects the Democrats have filled as though they were their own Santa putting the presents under their own tree is not likely to work, implies the Brooks scenario.

Looks like Friday the 13th is the appropriate day to pass a bill pushed through by crazed madwoman Pelosi in the H[ous]ive of Drones. Reid is just as unbalanced, as the US takes on obligations surpassing the world's GDP. Norman Thomas said it best: "The American people will vote for socialism without the word ever being used," and it appears the infrastructure of the USA is now paved with many roads to serfdom.

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