Sunday, February 22, 2009

DC Police: Affirmative Action Produces Low IQ Eff-ups?

The Chandra Levy case appears to be reaching a solution & it reminded me of an incident concerning another female jogger twenty years earlier, when Marion Barry presided over the human sewer of DC government.

I was told by two friends living in an apartment near Rock Creek Park that they had happened across a murder scene of a young female jogger who had evidently just been killed in late afternoon near a jogging trail she had been running on. The reason I despise the DC police is that after the crime I and my friends read the Washington Post and watched local TV news for any follow-up on the crime.

None, it was as if the young girl had dematerialized. After a week or so, it became apparent that the nasty black racist politics of the city had caused the story to be buried.

Oh yeah, the young girl was white, but I guess you may have figured that out.

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