Friday, February 06, 2009

Decline & Fall Of MicroSoft, Chapter XXVII [Or So...]

While Bill Gates showboats to get his charity "good works" on the front pages and TV News, a nutcase named Steve Ballmer is busy driving the MicroSoft brand into the ground as Ballmer makes MSNBC simply another version of AOL/TimeWarner in messing up the Mission Statement with the Vision Statement in some sort of kitchen appliance cum lawn sprinker programmer Brave New World of cyberspace?
Here's the operative paragrapH:
Were this rate of accelerating decline for Windows market share to continue, Microsoft's OS would fall off the charts completely sometime around 2022. At this rate of accelerating increase for Mac's OS, the point of parity with Windows (equal market share) should be reached in or near 2015 - just over 6 years out.

P.S. I'm writing this on a desktop iMac a year and change after switching from fried motherboards and virus-bombarded Windows with its inverted pyramid of pay-to-play cockamamie gimcrackery....and Vista BS to the factor of 10! By 2015, I may be with the majority!

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