Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Language of Desperation Sets in on Dumbocrats

The Wall Street Journal charts another devolution in the language of political discourse as the alternatively splenetic [Bob Shrum] and idiotic [Bob Herbert] employ the word "Taliban" to describe Republicans unwilling to buy into Obama's attempt to morph our democracy into some sort of nanny-state Banana Republic. "Uncle Tom" Herbert is of course a prime example of affirmative action gone ridiculously wrong, but Bob Shrum exceeds all boundaries in his irrational diatribe:
The Republican purpose is clearly to destroy the Obama Presidency, to frustrate economic recovery and then blame the Democrats--and so recapture the Congress and the White House on the backs of a broken middle class.
This appears to be an almost universal Republican resolve. John McCain, feted by Obama at a pre-Inaugural dinner, has repaid the gesture with sour grapes. Someone who knows him well reports that he's consumed with bitterness toward an "unfair" press, as well as toward his successful rival. He can forgive his North Vietnamese captors, but apparently not North American voters. . . .
In the closing weeks of the presidential contest, the GOP harped on the prediction that President Obama would be tested in his first weeks in office. Who knew the test would come not from the Taliban in Afghanistan, but from the Taliban in Washington? President Obama is about to pass that test. The experience will arm him for his next engagement with the Taliban Republicans.

James Taranto dresses down this serial loser much better than I could ever do, but Shrum is a specimen of an unhinged hysteric along the lines of the females now running the Democratic Party---Nancy Pelosi railing about 500 million Americans losing jobs in all 57 states.

[By the way, Bob Shrum, it was Joe Biden who harped that Obama would be tested in his first weeks of office, not that accuracy and Shrum, or even winning campaigns and Shrum, have anythng to do with one another.]

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