Friday, December 12, 2008

RINO Colin Powell Vents Colon on Rush Limbaugh

Colin Powell and F. Zakaria had a cabal out loud and C.P. outed himself as just another ex-Oreo.

I wonder if this doofus ever listened to Rush L. in the first place. Limbaugh is a symbol of what spineless libtards hate, and they never listen to his pearls of wisdom, preferring their own socialist bromides----proved by history not to work in any country with more than 20 million people. And where does this bogus RINO come up with his demographic delusionary predictions, unless of course he's counting [hoping for?] on a flood of illegal immigrants.

Zakaria is a clever fellow whose book is clogged with unforced errors due to reliance on dubious stats gleaned from a dishonest media. The guy should dig deeper before pontificating on issues like the Global Warming Hoax. No moral character, just a smart version of Al Gore.

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