Saturday, December 06, 2008

Franken Comedy in MN ain't funny

John Fund in today's WSJ has a short piece on how the dishonest porn lizard who commandeered Harvard students and used Harvard stationery to write one of his unfunny books [imagine if a Repub candidate had done that, he would have been Borked and Palinized by the ultra-left MSM right out of the race] is now in the race until a count of votes shows he's ahead, and then the recount stops.

Truth be said, Minnesota had two lousy candidates for Senator, both Jews from Brooklyn NY, and in a better world, the independent would have won. But between the two, Coleman is far less lousy than the putrid carrion-eating hyena [a female-dominated animal whose matriarchs are jammed full of testoserone] named Franken. Only a state who sent Jesse Ventura to the Governor's Mansion is loony enough to send a potty-mouthed libtard like Franken to the Senate, although this southern extension of Canada deserves one of the worst Senators in the country.

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