Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Palin Praised by Margaret Thatcher's Special Advisor

John O'Sullivan has been exiled to Radio Liberty in Prague, but writes about the media-assassination attempts on Sarah Palin, with Mrs. Andrew Sullivan leading the knickers-in-a-twist mafia and follows with a comparison:
They are far from identical; they rose in different political systems requiring different skills. As a parliamentarian, Mrs. Thatcher needed forensic and debating skills which her training in Oxford politics and as a tax lawyer gave her. Mrs. Palin is a good speaker, but she needs to hone her debating tactics if she is to match those of the Iron Lady.

On the other hand, Mrs. Palin rose in state politics to jobs requiring executive ability. Her successful conduct of the negotiations with Canada, Canadian provinces and American states over the Alaska pipeline was a larger executive task than anything handled by Mrs. Thatcher until she entered the Cabinet and, arguably, until she became prime minister.

Funny how Palin got bombarded while a cretinous hair-plug refugee who claimed Hezbollah had been evicted from Lebanon escaped all MSM scrutiny---even as he inserted his foot in his mouth with metronomic regularity.

I hope O'Sullivan's article helps the WSJ recover from having bi-yotch-in-chief ambassadress to the Upper West Side Noonan's ridiculous display of feminist bitchery. Yeah, and her pen-pal ditto-head K. Parker can insert her head up a place where the sun never shines!

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Donald Douglas said...

The O'Sullivan piece is good, particularly the conclusion.

Hope you're well. Have a great Christmas!