Saturday, December 20, 2008

Caroline Kennedy the Elite's Sarah Palin?

Caroline Kennedy is regarded as unqualified to be a senator by 63% of New Yorkers, unless the poll which says only 37% think she is also has the usual "don't knows" to offset the skeptics. Only 16% believe that name recognition has nothing to do with her candidacy.

Sarah Palin was pilloried by the elites because the Upper West Side punditry which the Me Too boondock editorial hacks mindlessly echo whenever Pravda on the Hudson signals the Party Line feared and detested the Will of the People, which in poll after poll has demonstrated is against Open Border and for Offshore Drilling. Ditto Californians who are against gay marriage, but are opposed by "Those Who Know Better" and seek to overturn the popular will by judicial tyranny---the new tyranny of the minority now in fashion. The Oprahfied Nanny-crat Elites fear and hate any real will of the people.

I just finished a long set of bios by Graham Robb on the lives of Honore de Balzac and Victor Hugo [and Arthur Rimbaud]. In chapter after chapter, whenever politics in France reared its head, Paris went left and the provinces went right. But the provinces, numerically ten times more populous than Paris, never seemed to have its will made writ of the land.

Methinks the USA is becoming a monarchy-without-a-king as our Founders feared, just like France and the backward autocracies of Europe.

So much for the US being a "democracy."

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