Friday, December 26, 2008

Phony Joe and Spouseroo Jill Feed Homeless after $369 in annual donations to charity

Hairplugs eat away at politicians' brains and Joe The Fraud Biden is no exception....this tightwad with donations marched his poor wife to a homeless shelter to fake concern for the homeless. The fact that this dolt is ten times dumber than Sarah Palin is eventually becoming slowly evident and the MSM will have another reason to be ignored in the future.

Biden's phony smile and lying mouth both typify the Dem hypocrisy.....even the NYT's gasbag do-gooder Nicolas Kristof had to admit last week that the average "liberal" is just as phony as Biden, pretending concern for the poor and powerless while donating zilch. They want to get their hands on other people's money, for charity, for taxes, for their hedge funds like Bernie Made-off and will do anything to try to trick the voters into thinking they actually care.

And sometimes their chicanery actually works....! The Dem constituency is either barely literate or completely puffed up with the pretensions of academicide. The stupids won this time. Or, as in Minnesota, the criminal judiciary and criminal state government is stealing an election in broad daylight while the feckless Guv'nr Pawlenty sucks his thumb.

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