Thursday, December 25, 2008

About Time to Pull the Trigger?

Read this link and ask yourself if it isn't time to eliminate not only the so-called "rogue" elements, but the entire superstructure of the Gaza genocidal enterprise whose feelings for the Jews and Israel mirror the Channel 4 "Christmas" spokesperson invited to spew vomit on a Christian celebration.

Take out Londonistan while you're eliminating the nearby terrorist enclave run by Hamas. You've got my vote.

UPDATE The lepers in Cairo are fuming that Israel answers incessant rocket attacks with overwhelming force. Why didn't the feckless impotent shemales in the Arab League do anything to curb Hamas? I see the EU and the UN are among the hyenas circling Israel as the culprit. Hope Obama stays as strong as GWB on defending a democracy living among oligarchic praetorian elite-run totalitarian states.

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Burnt Toast said...

Long past time to pull the trigger on Hamas. Low grade thugs at best.

As for England, why not? They've already capitulated on every term set by the Muslim fascists who have invaded that country, giving up the needs of the majority for the wants of the few.

They are well past any recoverable point of no return.

England, nice to have known you.