Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Self- Promoter Gore in Clawing Your Way to the Nobel Peace Prize

Slate has a cute piece on the Nobel Peace Prize by Timothy Noah named "Clawing Your Way to the Nobel Peace Prize." Punch lines make fun of a lot of candidates, but the Goracle is the Crown Prince of Flatulence as he takes multiple hits:
It was looking very good for Al Gore. Then the opposition started rioting, and the judges snatched it away. That's the story of the 2000 presidential race, and if my hunch is correct that's going to be the story of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

Noah overlooks the irony that once again, it may be Buddhist monks that present an obstacle to the Gorebot's Emmy/Oscar/Nobel Hat-Trick. Remember his lame excuses for his trip to the temple somewhere out west.

Is it Karma? Or is that a Hindu specialty? Noah does note an additional irony:
The smart money still says Gore will win, but what chance does a former vice president of the United States—one who, while more or less running environmental policy for President Clinton, yapped endlessly about the problem and sacrificed not a penny of political capital to help solve it—have against thousands of bald-headed guys waving empty bowls over their heads?

Gore is good at yapping, and at overselling, as his Emmy speech called his unseen network "the fastest growing in history" just like other amazing feats this ginormous multi-tasker has said that he pulled off, then retracted his statement that he pulled it off----stuff about information superhighways and being the inspiration for a novel/movie. Who can keep track?

I'll just take a flyer on Oprah at Oprah Winfrey—50/1. I'm sure the bookie is still taking bets.

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