Monday, October 08, 2007

Fox and the Chicken Coop: Narcokleptocrat calls US "Racist"

The silly second-rate ex-President of Mexico, one of the failed nation-states which rivals Zimbabwe in its economic acumen, has called those opposing the wave of dispossessed criminals fleeing his mis-managed country "racists."

What does he call his own country, which treats Guatemalans trying to cross the southern border of his failed kleptocracy who are systematically robbed, raped, and thrown back over the border by the criminals subsisting on these poor folks [the Mexican "Border Police."]

I guess Fox is in New York to manage his bank accounts from the criminal graft and corruption that is the rule among Mexico's chiefs-of-what-you-might-call-a-state.

The misrule and corruption in his own narco-state is the reason so many of its citizens flee elsewhere to avoid unemployment and in some cases starvation.

Now we know what it feels like to be lectured to by a real fake president, not a fake fake-president like Ahmedinejad.

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