Monday, October 08, 2007

Jimmy Carter: The Perfect Fool?

In his relentless pursuit of making himself a completely obnoxious media whore, Jimmy Carter may have reached a new level of nincompoopery never before attained by an ex-US president. From The New Republic:
The ex-president wanted to visit a refugee camp in South Darfur, according to the Associated Pres, "but the United Nations mission decided that such a visit would be too dangerous. Carter than flew to North Darfur where he was supposed to meet with other refugees. None showed up. Maybe they didn't know who Carter was...or Tutu. They certainly did not know who Richard Branson was or Graca Machel, Nelson Mandela's wife. African refugees ordinarily don't know the names of celebrities.

What did the celebritard Jimmy then proceed to do as his august international persona was dissed by non-recognition?
A different tour was mobilized for Carter and his comrades, called "The Elders." But that also ran into trouble. Still pursuing frightened refugees, Carter was stopped by Sudanese security officers, including their local chief, Omar, who shouted, "You can't go -- it's not on the program."

Carter shouted back: "We're going to anyway. You don't have the power to stop me." But the officer did have the power to stop him, and he did not go.

So mini-me had his media showtime thwarted by local Sudanese government officials, and then proceeded to render his imperial-sounding judgment on the whole affair:
Hobbled on his visit, Carter rendered his judgment on the situation nonetheless. It is not genocide, he announced. It's just a crime against humanity. These are the differences that count.

Sounds like John-boy Edwards has a competitor for compleat Phoney-of-the-Century.

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